Thursday, September 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

Today would have been my dads 86 birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!  We miss you! 

Friday, September 19, 2008

When is enough enough???

Ok... How much can one person take.  Tuesday I was driving to work in my brand new Toyota Matrix. You know - the one that I have had for a WHOLE three months!!!  The one I HAD to buy because my Jetta was totalled on Route 78 in June.  Well this Tuesday I was driving down the road and a 2x4 board was right in the middle of the highway. I was going 65 mph ( the speed limit) and had no choice but to run it over.  I look in my rearview mirror and see two hubcaps flying through the air.  I suspected that they might be mine so I pull over to the side of the interstate.  YUP - they were mine.  The little 2x4 managed to bend both of rims on the car and it had to be towed to the dealer.  I have had enough of this!  I think that I might take up a new career. I am going to work at Weis market stocking shelves or at the corner gas station. That way I don't have to drive anymore!!  

I am addicted!

Everybody has an addiction - right??  I guess some are stranger than others.  Here is my addiction. 
I have them :
  • In my purse
  • In the car
  • At work
  • On my downstairs desk
  • In the kitchen
  • In the living room drawer
  • On my upstairs desk
 I have sharpies everywhere!  I have them in all sizes too. Check out my collection:

I have all colors in thin point width. 

I have little ones that hook only your key chain.

I have thick width ones.

I have regular width in many colors:

AND---- the newest addition that I found in Lowes the other day. 
I have never seen one this big before.

OK So I am really strange.... but most of you knew that already- RIGHT????

Thursday, September 11, 2008

In the Minority

Ok... I have a rant. And well... since this is MY blog I can say it here.

Today is 9/11. I know this was a big deal, but after watching some people on the news over the years I have to say this...

Yes, its horrible you lost your parents, friend, son etc.....

But guess what - I have no parents either. My mom died when I was 3 and my dad when I was 21. Their death is no less important than anybody elses. I am alone in this world because of it. 9/11/2001 was seven years ago. Life needs to move on and you need to accept you have lost a loved one. SOME people believe they are owed because of their loss. SOME people still can't function. Everybody loses somebody in their life and you just have to find a way to deal with it.
Its hard to not have parents and my son has never had a grandparent. Our loss is just as hurtful to us and theirs is.
NOT to make light of it at all, but people need to realize that there are a whole lot of people in the world who are missing people.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Then and Now - The End of an Era.....(Part 1)

The end of an era has come :( I just really can't believe how much my baby boy is growing up. This summer was a year of big changes. It all started in Wildwood. His beloved dump truck has come with us to Wildwood for the last 8 years. Many years I have wondered WHY are we bringing this huge truck with us , especially after we got rid of the van. BUT, he loved it and played with it on the beach. That is until this summer.... This is where it sat the entire week. It came out of the car, into the hotel and sat in the corner. Sigh.....

The TRUCK all alone in 2008

Check out the life of the truck here:

2001 2003
Even here in 2007 when he was 8.5 he still played with the truck.
His reply this year was MOM.... I am almost a man now. I am no longer afraid of the ocean. Why would I want to play with the dump truck when I can do this......

Brad started off Boogie boarding and then somehow talked us into buying him a skim board too. Spoiled kid.....

His first day of skimboarding... He was a little frustrated in learning how to get it move...

So.... This is then and now of the Wildwood trip....

Wildwood Summer of 1999

Wildwood Summer of 2008