Thursday, April 2, 2009

Major progress!!!!

We have water!!!!  The well pump was installed today. 
John(the plumber) has installed all the pipes through out all three floors.
Harvey's guys have already patched up all the sheetrock. 
Saturday John picks up the cabinets.
Tomorrow the tile comes in and we can pick it up!

It's coming along real nice. 

AND so much faster than I expected. 

Kids, kids and More kids!

Today SEVEN kids came over to meet Brad. I am so happy for him I think our street is going to be perfect for him.  All the kids came over to our house to meet us when they saw us outside. 
A whole group of them came over to introduce themselves to Brad. There were seven kids that came over tonight and they all live on the same side of the street. They range from 5th grade to 8th grade and both boys and girls. They said there were some 4th graders down the street too. 

Tonight when I went up to the house Brad was already over the neighbors house playing on the trampoline.  THen I heard a whole bunch of them running around screaming and playing. It was music to my ears! 

It is going to be a great place for Brad to grow up.