Sunday, July 20, 2008

Always a ringbearer never a groom!

We just got back from Florida where my niece, Ashley got married on 7/12/08. Brad was the ringbearer. He is quite the pro at it since this was his fourth performance. He was quite pleased with himself because he got to carry the actual rings again. Lindsay let him do that in her wedding and he thought that was so cool. I think it is safe to bet that this is his last ring bearers performance. He is getting too grown up for that job. Here are his ringbearer jobs in order:

This is his first time! 3.5 years old in cousin Keri's wedding. 6/15/02.

Cousin Courtney's wedding. 7/3/04. Brad was 5.5 years old.

And here is Cousin Lindsay's wedding 1/1/06. Brad was 8.

And finally his latest performance was Cousin Ashleys wedding 7/12/08. Brad is 9.5 years old.

I bet his next tuxedo will be when he goes to his high school Prom. YIKES!!!!

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