Monday, March 2, 2009

Am I dreaming??

Ok. I am not sure if I am dreaming, but if I am don't wake me up.  I have wanted a 'real' house for many many years now. BUT, I also like how cheap I live now. It enables me to go on many vacations and buy my son and the family lots of cool toys.  I never want to work to pay a mortgage soooo... we have stayed in this house for 21 years.  Until NOW that is!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!  
Saturday, February 14th John said that maybe we should start to think about moving to a bigger house. It is a buyers market out there. Well, thats all you have to do is say something to get me motivated. On the internet I went immediately.  Saturday night and Sunday was spent searching the real estate ads for something beautiful, yet affordable. Any of you who know John know that the normal persons affordable is NOT his.   Anyway - I found this really big, nice looking house online.  The price didn't exactly match the size so it caught my interest.  John being the cable guy knows all the roads around here and knew exactly where this house was. We took ride up. The neighborhood is nice, the property is awesome, the outside of the house looks great. It is a foreclosure and the listing says that it needs an entire interior. Monday morning we get a realtor to take us in.  The inside is destroyed completely.  BUT-the house is jsut about exactly what I would have picked had I had a choice.  It needs TONS of works. They ripped out the heating system, took the well pump, ripped the kitchen cabinets off the walls, took the appliances, punched holes in the walls, and it had a hole in the roof.  We offered them one hundred thousand LESS than the listing and all week I waited for the reply. I really didn't think there was ANY way possible that they would accept that offer and I really tried not to fall in love with the house and the ideas of what I could do with it. 

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Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

It's a beautiful house! I still cannot imainge grownups acting that way and destroying a house like that!