Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 1 (and 2) of renovations.

Renovations have started already!!!!!!!  The afternoon before the closing I bought the flooring!  I got Pergo Oak floors for the living room and dining room and tile for the kitchen area.  I let John pick out the tile for the upstairs bathroom. I gotta let him pick a few things and that was not as important to me as the downstairs. I was shocked he agreed to buy the flooring already since it is actually the last thing that will get done on the inside. I was telling that to my friend and John said that it is because he is so freaking tired of being drug around to flooring stores and if he just bought it he wouldn't have to go to anymore!

I also placed the cabinet order. I found a place on craigslist that sells direct to the buyer.  WHAT A DEAL!!  I got high end Madison Cherry cabinets with the knobs and soft close draws for cheaper than the low end crap from Lowes.  

Tuesday - Harvey fixed the whole roof already. And Wednesday they already started the sheetrock!  

Can't wait to get started on the fun parts!

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Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

the floor sounds beautiful and so do the cabinets!!
take pics so we can see them!!
are you going to paint before they put the flooring?

can't wait to see everything!!