Sunday, September 7, 2008

Then and Now - The End of an Era.....(Part 1)

The end of an era has come :( I just really can't believe how much my baby boy is growing up. This summer was a year of big changes. It all started in Wildwood. His beloved dump truck has come with us to Wildwood for the last 8 years. Many years I have wondered WHY are we bringing this huge truck with us , especially after we got rid of the van. BUT, he loved it and played with it on the beach. That is until this summer.... This is where it sat the entire week. It came out of the car, into the hotel and sat in the corner. Sigh.....

The TRUCK all alone in 2008

Check out the life of the truck here:

2001 2003
Even here in 2007 when he was 8.5 he still played with the truck.
His reply this year was MOM.... I am almost a man now. I am no longer afraid of the ocean. Why would I want to play with the dump truck when I can do this......

Brad started off Boogie boarding and then somehow talked us into buying him a skim board too. Spoiled kid.....

His first day of skimboarding... He was a little frustrated in learning how to get it move...

So.... This is then and now of the Wildwood trip....

Wildwood Summer of 1999

Wildwood Summer of 2008

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