Sunday, March 29, 2009

Freakin' Fred

I really do not know what Fred's problem is the last few weeks.  I think he senses the commotion of the move and we are not home as much as usual.  He has been a total pain the ass! 
He has been shredding the garbage all over the place. He goes into the food pantry and takes out food! He ATE through the bottom of a peanut butter jar to get to the peanut butter.  He pushes on the cabinet and knocks stuff off the top shelfs. He started ripping up the roll of toilet paper. The other day my friend, Cathy, made me chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing.  I brought them home and put them on the kitchen table.  Now remember, Fred is a small dog.  I had six cupcakes in a SEALED gladware container. When we came home there was a chewed open container on the living room floor. He at THREE cupcakes and then licked the icing off of the remaining three.  
Wait.... I am not done yet.  I had gotten a gift of a box of Belgium chocolates and they were sealed and wrapped with gift paper. I had them on the corner of my kitchen table.  My kitchen table is pushed up against the wall in the corner so that area of the table is not accessible from the floor. WELLLLL.... when I got home the box was chewed open and not. one. single. piece. of. chocolate. was. left.   Which MEANS.... he had to jump up on the chair and walk across my table to get to the candy. 

Thats the final straw.............. He is back to the cage when we are not home. 
He sure isn't going to like the new house  ;)  
It will have a garbage can with a lid and proper storage space so he won't be able to get into anything! HA!

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Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

OH CHER!! i don't know how you have not put him out! WOW...all your CHOCOLATE!! i would have been PISSED! heehee

i am all for the garbage being hidden! keeps the dogs (and in my case, the kids too!) OUT!
Fred should be lucky he is getting the crate...sounds like he could get the boot if he kept it up! LOL