Monday, March 30, 2009

My new best friends....

My new best friends are ... Home Depot and Lowes. Actually I really like Lowes alot more!

Yesterday I visited Home Depot and purchased a vanity, sink, mirror for the downstairs bathroom. I so want to start the painting and decorating and I am trying really hard to be patient. At least if I make a few purchases inbetween it holds me over.

I went with a cherry wood vanity and mirror with a white sink. The kitchen cabinets are cherry so I stuck with the same theme for floor 1.
On the way home from Home Depot we had a super bad rain storm with quarter sized hail. Luckily we were just down the road from the house and the vanity was boxed.

The plumbers worked on the heating system today! Day by day we get a step closer.

Soon we might even have water! The jerk that destroyed the house also destroyed the well. He pulled out the well pump and broke off some piece that we needed so now we need to have Angelo dig out the well pump area to replace the part. UGH!

Will post some pictures as soon as they become interesting to look at.

1 comment:

Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

pictures would be interesting NOW! ;-)

so, did the idiot that destroyed the house get into trouble for doing that? what stupidity!!

it must be FUN yet hard to decide on EVERY little thing! doubting if you are making the right choices...i mean, most of these things will be there forever!

glad nothing was damaged. we had hail today too! crazy...almost 80 degrees and HAIL falling from the sky! NUTS!