Sunday, March 29, 2009

Renovations - Day 3,4,5

I am so amazed at how quickly and smoothly the house renovations are going.  All of that pinky/peachy tile is GONE!!!!  I am so happy that I made the executive decision to purge that crap. It was one of the very few things that was NOT damaged in the house and John tried his hardest to keep it in there.  It was just . so. damn. UGLY.  It was six by six smooth tile that was off white with swirls in it that were pinky/peach.  It matched NOTHING I want to do and it is the first thing people see when the walked in the house.  It is the two hallways that lead into the kitchen and living room. It would have looked so stupid to have this awful tile connect to the new tile I am putting in the kitchen.  Well - I won that war!! 

Almost all of the sheetrock work is replaced/repaired.  Our bedroom ceiling was ripped out , insulation replaced and new ceiling up. 

The water pressure tank was installed.  John wanted a big one since we have 3 bathrooms, dishwasher, etc - so I think John Miller got tired of hearing John say that and bought the biggest one which is commercial sized. 

John Miller has also started installing the heating system and will order the boiler this coming week. 
Brad LOVES running the tractor around the property. John cut down some trees and brush and Brad has been tying to the back of the tractor and hauling back to the woods.  On his way back down to the house he ties old tires from the pile that was dumped there to the back and brings them down to the big pile that needs to be disposed of. 

OH and Harvey has taken all the garbage off the property!!  They owners left the garage filled with crap and all the old rugs ripped out of the house.  He did it cheaper than what we would have had to pay for a dumpster!

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Queen of pink in a house of blue said...

I still cannot get over all the damage these people did to that house!
although, for you...i'm happy since you got it for a STEAL and you get to do what YOU want in it now...and will probably still come out cheaper than what the price would have been had it not been damaged!

pictures woman, pictures!!!